Growing Grace

Growing Grace

Goal:  $1,100,000


$300,000 to renovate our church kitchen

$20,000 – $50,000 gift to upgrade property at Mar-Lu-Ridge

$750,000 – $780,000 to reduce Grace’s mortgage by 50%


The Capital Campaign officially begins on April 7 & 8 and culminates with Commitment Weekend on May 19 & 20. During the next six weeks, all members and friends of Grace are asked to think seriously about your own commitment and how you can participate in making a difference here at Grace.

Watch your mail for more information about gatherings, visits, and the upcoming prayer vigil.


Gifts, large and small, are needed to make our goal.


Our congregation has demonstrated the powerful ministry that we can do when we work together. Let us pray that the impact of Growing Grace will go far beyond the money raised. May we continue to be Christ’s witnesses here in Westminster and around the world!

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