Traditional Worship

Worship is Central to Our Life Together

As Lutherans, worship is central to our life together. Our worship is liturgical, meaning that is has a standard shape and form which has been handed down in the church throughout the ages. At the same time, through careful worship planning we provide worship experiences that are engaging with variety throughout the year.

We believe that the Holy Spirit gathers us together, speaks to us through the words of Scripture as well as through the sermon, the sacraments, the prayers and the music. Through worship, we are nurtured by God in order that we can grow in our faith and discipleship. From worship we are sent out into the world to be active participants in Christ’s mission in the world.

Traditional Worship

On a typical weekend at Grace, three traditional worship services are held in the Sanctuary. The services take place on Saturday at 5:00, Sunday at 7:45 and Sunday at 11:15. You can enter the Sanctuary most easily through the wooden doors on Carroll Street or the door from the parking lot on Winters Alley.

Sanctuary PewsThe hymns and liturgy comes from the worship book, Evangelical Lutheran Worship. The music is led by organ and choir. The pastors are assisted in worship leadership by lay people who read the lessons, lead the prayers and assist with the distribution of Holy Communion and other parts of the liturgy.

While the liturgy remains fairly consistent in traditional worship, variations are made throughout the year based on the church year. In joyful seasons such as Christmas and Easter, the hymns and liturgy reflect that joy. During times such as Advent and Lent, worshippers will note a more solemn tone in the worship. These changes keep the worship interesting and help us to explore the depth of our spirituality as God’s people.

All Grace Services

Several weekends during the year, we come together for one worship service.

We call these services “All Grace Services” because they include elements that are common to all of our worship services and elements that represent contemporary and traditional worship. These services are normally held at 10:00 in Grace Hall on Rally Day, the first Sunday after Labor Day and on the first Sunday in December prior to the annual congregational meeting and on the first Sunday after Easter.

Pipe OrganWorship Visitors

Visitors, including children, are welcome at all of the worship services at Grace. We try to be welcoming without embarrassing you…you will not be singled out of the crowd! We have a Visitors’ Table outside of Grace Hall and one in the back of the Sanctuary. We invite you to stop by to pick up a bag with information about our ministries. Because we do occasionally change our worship times, we urge you to check the website home page to double check worship times.

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November 22, 2017

7:00 pm Thanksgiving Eve Worship Service

Westminster United Methodist Church

November 25-26, 2017  Christ the King

5:00 pm on Saturday (Traditional)

7:45 am on Sunday (Traditional)

9:00 am on Sunday (Contemporary)

11:15 am on Sunday (Traditional)

10:15 am Christian Education Hour


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