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Legacy Circle of Grace is made up of those people who have placed Grace Lutheran Church in their wills or estate planning. Some of these people allow us to publish their names while others wish to remain anonymous. If you have taken action to include Grace in your plans and you let the pastors or church office know of your action, you will be given a wood replica of our church building.

Grace Lutheran Church

Why Should I Join Legacy Circle of Grace?

  • Because it is one way I can say “Thank You” for all the gifts with which God has blessed me.
  • Because God has fulfilled all my needs and the money I could give will make a difference in other lives at Grace Lutheran Church.
  • Because adding my funds to the contribution of others enables greater work to be continued and achieved.
  • Because there is so much more we, as Grace Lutheran Church, could do to impact our congregation, our community, and the lives of others if Grace Lutheran Church only had more funds.
  • Because I believe in the work of Grace Lutheran Church.
  • Because Grace Lutheran Church normal offerings do not fulfill all the financial needs.
  • Because through what I have learned from the Bible, God calls me to be a cheerful giver.
  • Because I have some extra money and it is one way I can support the work of Grace Lutheran Church.

Donors may designate their bequest to be used in a particular way, such as in support of music or youth ministry or to purchase items needed for meals served to the community. However, an excellent way to support our ministries is to consider an undesignated gift that will be used where needed most at the time it is received. That means that when the funds are actually received the council will be able to apply it in a way most meaningful at that time.

Additional information can be found in “Downloadable Forms” in the right hand column.

If you’d like help in getting started, please click on the” Planned Giving” button below.

Thank you for considering how you can support Grace with your own legacy.

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