At Grace Lutheran Church, your financial contributions are always appreciated. Your generosity is crucial for us to minister to our community and the world.

Why Should I Give to Grace Lutheran Church?

  • To enjoy the peace of mind that proper planning provides.
  • To Help Make our Mission Possible for Generation to come.
  • Grace has been doing more with less and continues to look for ways to save on day to day costs. We seem to be facing a new economic outlook every other day. But there is good news. Even when the outlook is uncertain there is strength in members who join together to plan for the future.
  • Grace wants to make sure we are moving forward and making decisions that keep us relevant to our current congregation members needs.
  • People give because they want to be part of making the world a better place.
  • People give because they want to — Our job is to ask — Their job is to decide.

In addition to giving through traditional means, you can also sign up for Grace’s online giving services to have your contributions automatically debited from your bank account.

Begin Giving Today